Washburn Artist Ola Englund

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Ola Englund

If you’re into metal, and if you’ve visited YouTube, chances are you’ve come across a video or two by Stockholm’s Ola Englund. Ola is the poster headbanger for YouTube success: At the time of this writing, his YouTube channel has accumulated 77,000 subscribers and 24 million total views. Content-wise, Englund delivers real-deal amp reviews, performance-technique tutorials, and mixing competitions. Given the viewership stats, it’s clear that he’s on to something good.

Inspired by Nirvana to pick up a guitar in 1994, Englund quickly discovered heavier music and decided to form his own metal band, Feared. During Feared’s ten-year run, Englund earned an audio-engineering degree and built a recording studio in Stockholm dubbed Midtown Music. Englund’s arrival as a true force in the metal scene was finally cemented, however, when he joined longtime American metal stalwarts Six Feet Under (on guitar, naturally) in 2012.

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