Washburn Artist Stu Hamm
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Stu Hamm

Born in New Orleans, Hamm spent his childhood and youth in Champaign, Illinois, where he studied bass and piano. He attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he met guitarist Steve Vai and, through Vai, was introduced to Joe Satriani. This meeting and following introduction led Hamm to perform and record with legendary guitarists including Steve Vai, Frank Gambale and Joe Satriani and bring his unmatched bass playing skills to national attention. Subsequent recordings with Satriani and other rock/fusion artists, along with the release of his own solo recordings further solidified his reputation as an extraordinary bassist and performer.

With Hamm's direction, we were able to create the only acoustic bass that can keep up with and exemplify Hamm's insurmountable talent. Featuring a fully intonatable bridge that allows for fine tuning and even intonation throughout the entire fretboard this bass is perfect for those who want tone, playability and acoustic amplification without the intrusion of feedback. The Stu Hamm Signature Acoustic Bass is available in either Black Cherry Burst or a Natural finish with custom Stu Hamm yin-yang inlays.

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