Washburn Artist Marzi Montazeri

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Marzi Montazeri

With groundbreaking musicianship and energetic showmanship, Marzi Montazeri, a guitar player and artist, has dominated the metal scene in his hometown of Houston, TX. Marzi was the one constant draw for fans throughout the years bringing varying styles to his music and redefining electric guitar technique while changing the sound, structure, and style of the instrument itself.

In the 1990's Marzi joined Superjoint Ritual, with long time friend Phil Anselmo as lead vocalist and recorded with him the bands first two demos. By 2001 Marzi went on to debut his self titled solo album called "The Need" which received rave reviews on various magazines as well as rave listener reviews on websites around the globe and reached #42 on FMQB radio.

Since its release, Marzi has played hundreds of shows and has also produced and written new material that further exploits his mastery of the electric guitar medium, while it also demonstrates to the listener a few techniques that truly defy even the most educated guitar players qualified explanation.

By March of 2010, Marzi rejoined forces with Phil Anselmo and Housecore Records to work on what is to be Anselmo's first solo project since Pantera, "Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals". After two years of innovational, powerful and extreme hard work they have finished what is to be the first of its kind, a truly masterful and powerful album "Walk Through Exits Only" due to be released July 16, 2013 . This will engrave Anselmo's legacy once again making Marzi the new and long awaited guitar hero of this generation.









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