Reviews 3 Different Washburn Guitars

The folks at tried our WD160SW acoustic, our J600 Jazz box and the Nuno Bettencourt N7 7 string guitar - and liked them all.

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"The body (of the WD160SW) has a gloss finish and upon first impression, you'll note that the construction looks and feels solid; no messy glue or sloppy finish work here, and the rosewood-capped headstock and abalone rosette add a nice touch of class to an affordable guitar."

"The (J600) sounds good acoustically, which is always a promising sign, and plugged in, the floating mini humbucker gave satisfying jazz box tones. Action was comfortable and the adjustable bridge had plenty of room to go up or down."

"Both pickups (of the N7) seemed bright and sparkling, with the neck pickup retaining its clarity even with the tone rolled off a bit. They handled the low B string with ease, never getting too wooly or muddy."

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