• Timeless Series

There’s something special about building instruments out of wood. Each piece from an individual tree, each piece different and unique. There’s something special about building with old woods, woods that have been naturally aging for over 140 years. There’s something special about reclaiming and repurposing precious old timber destined for destruction. Introducing Washburn’s Timeless Collection of 3 solid wood mandolins and 1 parlor guitar all featuring soundboards recovered from the beams, joists and columns of old buildings in the United Kingdom. Sourced from pre-19th Century bridges, pubs, barns, etc., only a small percentage of the wood from these buildings ever has a chance of finding rebirth as musical instrument tonewood. From these reclaimed European Fir beams, finding a good soundboard is extremely rare, particularly given the need to remove the cut steel nails occupying this wood. Cut steel nails ceased to be used around 1880 and as such we know the Timeless soundboard to be at least 140 years old and our guess that some of the beams easily over 200. Hand selected for stiffness and appearance, these European Fir soundboards provide a tone somewhat in between a Redwood and Spruce, delivering an immediate and snappy fundamental that is colored by pleasing harmonic content. A Mother-of-Pearl “Clou De Lys” overlay graces every Timeless Collection instrument headstock to commemorate this special wood.

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