Hans van Even

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Hans Van Even was born in Turnhout (Belgium) on 4 June 1969. At age 12 he began playing the guitar after listening to performances by Alvin Lee, Jimi Hendrix, Jimi Page, …

He studied classical music at “RIKSO” Belgium (high school of Art & Classical Music www.kunsthumanioraklassiek.be). Later he studied jazz & modern music at “Jazz Studio” in Belgium www.jazzstudio.be.

At this period, his group Coco Spirit played opening gigs for artists like Joe Cocker, Christopher Cross and John Miles at the Night of the Proms and recorded as session guitarist for some Belgian artists. In January 1993 he moved to France to join the fusion-jazz group Stolen. With Stolen he played opening acts for Mike Stern and André Ceccarelli.

From 1993-2000, Hans has taught guitar and improvisation at CIAM ( college of contemporary music in Bordeaux, France) and continues to teach in his own school www.guitarattitude.com

Since 2000 he played with numerous artists and did demonstrations for brands like Washburn, Roland, Randall, Blackstar Amplification, … and played in Japan, Musikmesse Germany, France, Spain, Holland, Belgium.

In 2014 Hans released his first solo CD “Stardust Requiem”, a 77 minutes voyage travelling many styles, with two of his favorite guitarists, Tony MacAlpine and Brett Garsed, on guest solos.

Hans also co-designed the whole Parallaxe guitar series for Washburn including guitars for Trevor Rabin, Ola Englund and Marzi Montazeri.