Jerry Hu

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NAME : Jerry. Hu
PLACE : Beijing
BIRTH DATE : 1984.8.10
EDUCATION : Beijing Contemporary Music
MAJOR : Jazz Guitar Performing
BAND NAME : Liquid Oxygen Band / YAO Band

2005.9——2009.6 Beijing contemporary music institute Studying music theory and improvisation with China famous Jazz Bass performer Gen Zhang
Studying Harmonics and Improvisation with France famous jazz bass performer Christophe lier
Studying jazz harmony and improvisation with Swiss pianist Jalub Groos(the member of the piano seven)
Studying guitar performing with funk guitarist YunQiang Chen
Studying rhythm with Japanese jazz drum performer He QuanGu
Studying percussion instrument and Latin rhythm with XingGao
Curriculum included performing skills, piano, solfeggio music theory, harmony, polyphony, work analysis, rhythm training, jazz performing, jazz history, jazz improvisation theory, composition, harmonics instruments arranger, rehearsal and practice,
Chinese folk songs, Chinese pop music history, western pop music, art, recording and music production
2003.7 start XianTou rock band
2004.4 participate in the “KangShiFu” campus band trials, get the champion in LanZhou
2005—— 2006 participate in amounts of performing in LanZhou.
2006.9 participate in the western power in ChengDu
2007.6 enter in the “bad dream” team, Recording the EP《white and black》, take part in shanghai summer storm music festival, take part in Beijing modern music festival.
2007. 10 participate in modern sky festival first time.
2008. 1 hold three concert for “bad dream” in Mao live house
2008. 1 enter in the band CMCB, sign contract with the famous record company Pilot Music
2008. 10-11 touring all China successfully
2009 5 CMCB take part in the 10th midi festival
2009 8 CMCB take part in SUMMER leader festival hold by Pilot music 2009 CMCB become the Spokensperson for the brand BuZhiBa
2009 CMCB brand with XueYouZhang performing for the Hennessy.
2010 began to create the third album
2011 3-5 touring all China successfully 2011
10-11 touring all China successfully
2012 publish the third album <<2012>>(APP)
Being the guitar player for HuiZhenLi concert
Touring with CMCB
2013 participate in the MIDI music festival
2013 3-5 touring all China successfully
2013 8 mainland spokesperson for string brand “ernie ball”
2013 9 concert with CMCB
2013 Be the Celebrity Spokesperson of Ernie Ball
2015 Be the Celebrity Spokesperson of FRAMUS / Orange
2015 Join in Liquid Oxygen Band
2016 Having tour with Liquid Oxygen Band/YAO Band
2017 Be the Celebrity Spokesperson of Orange / Washburn / Ernie Ball / INNES/OE etc.
Guitar player of Liquid Oxygen Band/YAO Band

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