Piotr M. Karwowski

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Born in Warsaw, Poland on a cold December day in 1989. Pete started playing at the age of 12, got his first Washburn when he was 14, and active on the music scene at 16. After a few Warsaw-based acts, Pete co-formed Minetaur in the summer of 2012.

Pete (now armed with 5 Washburns) and the band explore the killing fields and thrill European stages with aggression, melody, grit, and groove. Completing a few Polish tours and venues abroad, 3 releases, 2 videoclips Minetaur is currently promoting their debut full-length album ‘Gravel Pit’! With the success of Gravel Pit, Minetaur will be headlining 14 shows across Poland. Then, preparing for the Autumn leg of the tour and recording their second long-playing release.