Nuno Bettencourt

N4-Nuno Authentic USA

Nuno Bettencourt

N4-Nuno Authentic USA

Color: Distressed Matte


The Washburn N4 Authentic is an exact replica of Nuno Bettencourt’s iconic N4 guitar. It has been painstakingly recreated in the USA Custom shop from Nuno’s original N4 by Washburn’s master luthiers and replicates every dent, ding, story, and nuance of personality contained in his guitar.

The Washburn N4 has been inseparably associated with Nuno Bettencourt since its 1990 introduction. For fans of Nuno, the N4 Authentic is as close to having Nuno’s actual guitar in hand as you can get. Impeccable attention to detail has been paid right down to the 2 replacement tuners Nuno added and the EVH D-Tuna on the Floyd Rose.

The N4 Authentic is made in the Washburn USA Custom Shop and features an alder body with a Seymour Duncan® ’59 neck pickup and Bill Lawrence® L-500 bridge pick-up complemented by a Floyd Rose® bridge & locking nut system with a D-Tuna for instant drop from E to D tuning. The original 4 Gotoh tuners are augmented by a newer Gotoh and a Grover® 18:1 tuner, exactly as it is on Nuno’s guitar. One of the hallmarks of the N4 is the Stephens Extended Cutaway on the maple neck which allows for unprecedented upper fret access. An ebony fretboard with dot inlays makes for silky smooth comfort and playability. The Buzz Feiten Tuning System allows for perfect musical intonation at every point on the neck. The stripped down control layout features a 3 way pickup selector and 1 volume control.


Authentic replica of Nuno's original N4

Distressed finish, EVH D-Tuna Floyd Rose Tremolo, and Gotoh / Grover tuning machines.

closeup of input on Washburn electric guitar
closeup of bridge and saddles on Washburn electric guitar
back of headstock of Washburn electric guitar

Nuno's Bill Lawrence / Duncan pairing

Built with Nuno's choice of a USA Made Seymour Duncan '59 at the neck, and a Bill Lawrence L-500 bridge pick-up.

body of Washburn electric guitar

Stephen's Extended Cutaway

Secured to its Alder body the Birdseye Maple Stephen's Extended Cutaway neck allows fully unfettered access to the upper frets with transparent playability.

top of body of Washburn electric guitar
back of body of Washburn electric guitar


Body & Construction

Body Wood Alder
Type Electric Guitars
Style Double Cut Solid Body


Controls 1 Volume - 3 way toggle
Pickups Seymour Duncan 59 neck and Bill Lawrence bridge pickup
Pickup Configuration H / H
Pickup Selector 3 way toggle


Color Distressed Matte
Finish Matte Finish
Strings D'addario EXL 120 light gauge


Neck Wood Birdseye Maple 5-Bolt Stephen's Extended Cutaway
Fretboard Ebony with 22 Frets
Number Of Frets 22 frets
Inlays dots
Nut locking nut
Nut Width 43 mm locking nut chrome
Scale 25-1/2"


Hardware Chrome hardware
Bridge Floyd Rose Original
Tuners Mixed Gotoh / Grover Exclusive 18:1 Chrome

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1883, Chicago. George Washburn begins a legacy of greatness with the first Washburn stringed instruments, bringing quality instruments priced for home musicians. In 1889, Washburn becomes the largest mandolin maker in America.

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In the early 20th century Washburn continues to lead with quality guitars, banjos, and madolins. In 1912, Washburn releases the Lakeside Jumbo, the first dreadnought guitar. In 1930, Washburn merges with Tonk Brothers and releases the Solo Deluxe, the precursor of the auditorium style guitar and one of the best-selling guitars created.

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With the onset of the 1970's, Washburn releases the Wing series, our first electric models. The Wing series continues the Washburn standard by delivering a show quality instrument at a home artist price. In the 80’s and 90’s the Washburn Festival series revitalizes the art of acoustic performance, contributing to the rise of "unplugged" performances.

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For over 135 years, Washburn has been committed to providing the highest quality instruments. Whether it's a guitar, banjo, or mandolin – if it’s a Washburn, it won’t let you down.

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